20 Women in Cannabis We’re Celebrating this 4/20

Whether you’re in a legal state or not (we’re in a ‘not’ state) there’s still much to celebrate about the cannabis progress this year.
This 4/20, we’re sharing twenty of our personal heroes in the cannabis industry who are using their gifts and talents to fearlessly defining their own paths and build a better cannabis space for everyone:


Monica Lo

LoBese / SousWeed

Monical Lo is a photographer setting the bar for cannabis cuisine with her personal blog, SousWeed. It’s a culinary dream collection of infused cocktails and recipes featuring sous vide cooking techniques. She also co-founded Asian Americans for Cannabis Edication to connect, empower and educated Asian communites and the public about cannabis issues affecting Asians worldwide. 


Shellise Rogers

Synergy Sesh / Sistah Rogers / MindfulToking

Shellise is creating a more inclusive and sustainable industry through a myriad of projects that enrich the cannabis space from the inside out. As co-founder of Synergy Sesh, a Mastermind Workforce Development Agency, she addresses the lack of diversity in cannabis entrepreneurship by providing access to resources like professional development and networking opportunities.  Her personal brand, Sistah Rogers, and interfaith movement, MindfulToking, provide guidance and open conversation about civic and social rights, faith, mental health, and cannabis.


Melissa Sargent

Wisconsin State Representative

As a State Representative in the Wisconsin State Capitol, Melissa has been a champion for passing common sense cannabis laws for the state.  Her latest cannabis bill, introduced April 18, 2019, is her fourth attempt to end cannabis prohibition in the state of Wisconsin, showing that she’s committed to listening to the 60% of state that approve of adult-use cannabis.


Marvina Thomas

420 Skincare

Marvina Thomas founded her company, 420 Skincare, with the background as a nurse and a the belief that natural, exquisitely hand-crafted CBD skincare products can provide relief in more ways than one. Her company’s “Buy& Give” program provides necessities to those in a recovery home for opioids, alcohol abuse and other addictive substances. In addition, Marvina is a director of community outreach with WomenGrow, helping other women within the cannabis industry.


Wanda James

Simply Pure

Wanda James opened her Denver dispensary, Simply Pure, to offer delectable, premium cannabis products from small organic batches.  Paired with a beautifully unique dispensary experience, Wanda has been at the forefront of high quality cannabis since she and her husband opened their doors in 2010, making them the first African Americans to own a legal cannabis dispensary in the US. Wanda, a Navy veteran, has remained on the front lines of the marijuana movement by advocating for legalization and decriminalization across the US.


Anja Charbonneau


Anja founded Broccoli magazine to create a playful, intelligent space for women who love weed. The magazine, published three times a year,  encourages the discovery and intelligent appreciation of cannabis through beautiful, eclectic content. Broccoli normalizes cannabis by using an art and design lens to explore the surprising connections between weed and the worlds of art, fashion, culture and history. Shipping to over 40 countries, her vision is normalizing cannabis culture around the globe.


Dr. Chandra Macias

National Holistic Healing Center / Women Grow

Perhaps one of the most educated dispensary owners in the business, Dr. Chandra Macias earned a PHD from Howard university, and focused on oncology before launching the National Holistic Healing Center medical marihuana dispensary in Washington DC. In addition to using her medical expertise to help drive forward cannabis education and research, Dr. Macias is also the acting CEO and Chairwoman of WomenGrow, a national organization focused on supporting women businesses in the cannabis industry.


Lori Ferrara

Treehouse Ventures

After both she and her husband battled cancer, Lori left her career in TV production on shows including Jeopardy, and  moved into the medical marijuana industry. Her most recent project, Treehouse Ventures, is a female-led fund that invests in and mentors women in cannabis industry, expanding the opportunities for success.


Tracey Henry

Type A Media

We all want to see better representation of the cannabis community in the media, and Tracey Henry is making that happen. After she received a cancer diagnosis, Tracey focused her professional skills exclusively to the promotion of cannabis related businesses. Her public relations company with partner Brenda Loughery is dedicated to securing positive TV and print coverage on cannabis businesses in everything from The Guardian to Fox News. 


Anqunette Sarfoh

BotaniQ Detroit 

A beloved news anchor in Detroit, Anqunette was forced to leave the news desk due to MS. She helped lead the evolution of Michigan’s cannabis market as a vocal advocate for legalization and as the co-owner of BotaniQ Detroit, the city’s first high end provisioning center focused on integrative wellness for patients and seed-to-sale quality.


Jade Sancho-Duser


Jade Sancho-Duser, founder of RxMaryJade, started her lifestyle coaching services after experiencing life-transforming relief thanks to access to safe cannabis through the New Jersey medical program. From one-on-one consultancy sessions to online videos, RxMaryJade provides much-needed patient guidance on medicating mindfully and integrating cannabis into a healthy lifestyle.


Julia Ruiz

Bay Botanicals

Julia has had a clear understanding since high school that medical patients need to have safe, legal access to a cannabis.  With a strong-suit in marketing and public relations, Julie interned on Capitol Hill for the National Cannabis Industry Association to advocate for cannabis legalization across the US. As a marketing executive for Majix Enterprises, Julia uses her expertise to support dispensary owners elevate their businesses while cultivating business connections and support for underserved business owners.


Dava Guthmiller

Revel & Rouse

Dava is the co-founder of Revel & Rouse, a California based lifestyle website, created to be a ‘curated resource for all things cannabis’. Revel and Rouse has been pushing the image of cannabis forward with in-depth interviews with female founders, industry insights and cannabis-focused events.


Angela Mou

Elevate Jane

Using her background in hospitality, Angela created the online shop, Elevate Jane, to find the highest quality, aesthetically pleasing accessories for women looking to enhance their ritual. Her curated collection of sleek designs celebrate the tools of the cannabis consumption and their artisan creators.


Jane West

Jane West

Jane has been a trailblazer for “making the pot business women-friendly” for years, with resources that connect women, and products carefully designed to elevate the cannabis ritual. After helping found Women Grow in 2014, Jane has since developed her own luxury lifestyle brand of cannabis glassware and accessories, as well as a line of CBD coffee and supplements.


Camille Chacra


Founder of the Montreal-based online shop Allume, Camille Chacra left a life of journalism and PR to develop an inclusive brand that offers cannabis lifestyle essentials for women of all walks of life.


Maya Elisabeth

OM Edibles / Whoopi & Maya

Maya, the founder of Om Edibles and co-founder of Whoopi and Maya, shines a light on the therapeutic values of cannabis for the healthcare needs of women.  With an all-female team and female-friendly business practices, they create products and education that are developed to open conversations about menstrual pain.


Kelly Keiser

Kelly Green Shop

Kelly started her California-based online shop and lifestyle brand to serve cannabis enthusiasts looking for simple, discreet accessories to match their chic lifestyle. Looking to expand the cannabis industry through education and appreciation, Kelly is building a brand that redefines cannabis for women.


Doreen Sullivan

My Bud Vase

As founder of My Bud Vase, Doreen created her company, My Bud Vase, to offer elegant glassware pieces that are gorgeous enough to display.  She rescues vintage vases, decanters and bottles and restores them into custom—and often one-of-a-kind—swoon-worthy pieces. By upcycling the old, she’s giving new life to abandoned beauty while reimagining possibilities for a better, beautiful cannabis industry.


Alison Gordon


After a decade at the helm of a breast cancer non-profit, Alison moved into Canada’s medical cannabis scene with a mission to reshape how cannabis is perceived in society. She soon rose up the ranks to become the CEO of 48North – one of Canada’s leading producers. As one of the few female CEO’s in a male-dominated industry she’s also paving the way for more women-comfortable spaces with discreet and elegant cannabis products.