Light up your planning for 2020 and beyond.
Which national trends will shape cannabis brands in 2020? Our team of brand experts took a dive into the data to identify the trends that matter.
Download our 2020 Cannabis Brand Trends Report to delve into seven significant trends – and seven powerful opportunities  – that will transform the way your audience connects with your brand. 

1. Mood Food
The growth of Infused functional food and mood-enhancing meals

2. Fluidity
Adaptable and gender neutral design

3. Canna-Hospitality
The increasing power of cannabis-tourists

4. CBD Evolution
Expanding competition sparking innovative branding

5. Hemp-made
Anti-plastic movement triggering demand for hemp-made products

6. Canna-collaborations
Mainstream and cannabis culture merge with creative collaborations

7. Micro-learning
Brands adapting to the role of budtender as brand ambassador

Download the 2020 Cannabis Brand Trends Report

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