Wickedly clever.

Devastatingly beautiful.

Yeah, we mean you.

Our expertise

is focused in…



Don’t fear the constant change of the cannabis industry. Make it work for you. With a wickedly clever brand at your back, you can turn hurdles into launchpads for meaningful innovation.

Branding Design

Conformity is killer to those who want to rise above the rest.  Our branding process cultivates designs, messaging & positioning that reflects your unique business so you can set trends, instead of following them.

Packaging Design

Your packaging lets you bewitch your fans in person when you’re not there. By creating an experience through carefully thought out details and exquisite designs, you’ll leave your customers spellbound.

What our clients say:

We’re not like

the other dudes.

You’re Not a Number
We keep our project list small so we can dive deep into developing your cannabis brand.
Your own style
We develop a brand that’s infused with your story and is positioned to reach your goals.
Your peace of mind
We use our experience with Fortune 500 brands to anticipate challenges as you scale up.

Aim higher. Dream boldly.

Fear nothing but mediocrity.

​​We use our detail-oriented expertise to empower motivated cannabis businesses to unleash their fiercest potential.
​​If you’re aiming higher than the average, let’s get started.

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