Creative Dispensary Packaging

Still Smoldering Cannabis Packaging Concept

So here’s a little inside peek into the Pretty Lethal Designs branding process. With every brand design we develop we typically develop two, sometimes, three concepts. Which, of course, means that each project results in a couple of smoldering concepts, like this one, that ultimately were not chosen for the final brand.

Our design process begins with mood-boards, like the one below, where ideas, inspirations, colors and patterns are pulled together to guide a potential direction. This particular concept for cannabis dispensary packaging, was inspired by the colors, history and patterns unique to Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood.

Once a mood-board is selected, we move on to design concepting. In this phase we develop the artistic style, the colors and graphics, inspired by the moodboards, that will become the final brand.

For this cannabis packaging concept, we used color to highlight indica, sativa, hybrid and CBD products and developed an abstract style to create a consistent style across the whole product range of tinctures, topicals, edibles and flower.