Enhance Your Virtual Budtending Experience

Virtual Dispensing Doesn’t Have to Be Robotic. 

Touchless transactions are a necessity now, but even after the pandemic subsides, these services will be here to stay. Though demands are sky high at the moment, taking inventory of your transaction process from start to finish can provide a treasure trove of ideas to make your dispensary purchasing experience solidly trustworthy.

After all, now more than ever, who wants to jump through tons of unnecessary hoops to get their necessities?  And customers buzzing from anxiety will lose patience even faster if they’re left wondering, waiting or too confused to even place an order.

But, just as your dispensary or provisioning center has a protocol and process for helping your patients in-person with budtending teams, a stellar virtual experience is also implementable. Right now, your brand tools like Unique Positioning Canvas, Ideal Customer Profile, Brand Voice and Competitive Canvas will be your go-to resources for helping you define the details that combine to form your online dispensary experience.

If you’re moving quickly or working without some pieces of your brand foundation, here’s a list of our top areas to focus on if you want to create a consistently premium customer experience:

Boost Your Virtual Budtending

Make it Easy to Get Answers

Whether new or newish, every customer who walks in has their own combination of symptoms and experience levels, and that doesn’t change online. Ease already anxiety-riddled customers through their cannabis introduction online.

  • Provide proactive information for common questions
  • Tell shoppers how to reach out to ask questions
  • Ensure responses are being sent promptly
  • Offer extra info where possible, like reviews, staff experiences, FAQs
Help Them Find Their Waldo

Whether they are looking for a particular brand they love, or finding the right dosage and method for their needs, each customer will be doing a considerable amount of comparing on their own.

  • Make it as easy as possible for them to search, filter and compare.
  • Include all necessary product details that customers might be searching for without making them dig.
  • Check that product information and inventory shown on your online menu is up to date.

Exchange Hands Smoothly

Set Expectations for a Stellar Drop

This world is all new to us but some services, like curbside pick-up, can be new even to regulars.

  • Show options for obtaining product clearly. Include fees and the information of any partners who are carrying out delivery.
  • Tell customers the best actions they can take. Do they need to be ready to sign with their own pen? Do they need to provide ID? Help them have everything ready.
  • Give clear instructions on where to walk or drive up for on-site pick-ups, including where they should wait or park until it’s their turn
Don’t Let It End After Hand-Off

While time and resources are tricky during this time, make sure that customers know your team is there after purchase.

  • Provide information on ways they can easily find answers about using their product
  • Offer tips for products known to need a little extra love. Record a video to show how to open tricky packaging, offer staff experiences and customer reviews to give an array of insights on what to expect
  • Ensure customers know how to reach a live person at your dispensary if they need additional help

Follow the Fuck Up Afterward

Be Brave and Ask

We all think customers are running off with their products and having a good ol’ time. But are they really? For sure? You can’t win over a bad experience if you don’t know it’s happening.

  • Follow up with purchasers on their overall service experience
  • Ask if purchases lived up to expectations or met standards
  • Find out what needs they’re trying to meet or what specific uses they’re looking for
Ridirect and Repeat

With the increased virtualization of cannabis purchasing, take the opportunity to try again if a customer has a bad experience or doesn’t enjoy their products.

  • Find ways to offer personalized alternatives or recommendations better suited to their needs so their next experience is magical