There were many hours of brainstorming with Kelli Thompson when she had the idea for Naperville Moms Network, and we wanted to create a brand that enveloped all of the ideals of the warm, friendly, fun community of moms that she was looking to create.

Her logo and color scheme needed to be fun, friendly and stylish while still practical to be inviting to all types of moms. We wanted to create a set of fun monograms as well that could look fantastic in small places, but could also be used on promotional pieces, especially since the community is often abbreviated as “NMN” by Kelli and the users.

The website was created in Ning, and we customized the design template to fit the NMN brand as mush as possible.

Stationary set created for NMN includes letterhead, business cards and flyers, as well as a set of promotional items onĀ Cafe Press.

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