Crosscut Coffee
Coffee Roaster & Café
Toronto, ON


Excite coffee drinkers with exquisite quality they can taste. 

Crosscut Coffee is on a mission to transform regular coffee drinkers into full-fledged coffee enthusiasts.

And not in a snooty, Seattle way. By celebrating all of the intricate details that effect the taste and obsessing over the precision of the coffees they brew and serve, Crosscut wants to show that the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had is all a matter of care that’s put in every step of the way.  With this much passion and ambition, they needed a brand to match their dedication to coffee. 

the brand goals


Through dedication to every step of the process—from bean to brewed—they celebrate the fine details that help coffee drinkers find their perfect cup.


A healthy environment ensures better coffee beans for all. By adopting and supporting sustainable practices, like up-cycling, Crosscut aims to chop their carbon footprint.


Crosscut will transform Toronto by showing that really good coffee doesn’t have to be fussy. It just takes a little exploration to find your right blend.

The Creative Direction

inspired by stouffville’s sawmill history 

Crosscut is inspired by the sawdust, workers and lumber that powered the hard-working town of Stouffville at the turn of the 20th century. The brand used imagery of hand saws, wood grain and circular saws to create a strong identity that any toughened sawmill worker of the 1800s would be proud of.

The Brand Naming

Selecting a business name can be one of the toughest elements of branding.  The Crosscut Coffee name was inspired by Stouffvilles sawmill-filled history, and chosen for its memorable alliteration and the availability of domain names.


The Logo

Strong, distressed lettering family is clean and modern, making it easy to see and read at a wide range of sizes, while the rustic distressing and styling of the type family gently nods to type used by hardworking industries of bygone times.

Rustic + Distinctive Main Identity

Paired with Warm + Welcoming Submarks

Crosscut Coffee’s Color Palette was developed in warm, rich tones inspired by the roasting levels of coffee beans and the rugged Canadian frontier.

image  ©Crosscut Coffee
image ©Crosscut Coffee

The Packaging

Crosscut’s ever changing seasonal and small batch roasts required a simple, flexible packaging design. We created a color coded label template, to allow for in-house customization and clear differentiation between seasonal, single-origin and signature blends

The Launch Plan

The first year for any brick and mortar can be make or break—to help Crosscut start strong, we developed a plan for Pre-launch, grand opening, post-launch brand tools and marketing tips.

The Final Outcome

Crosscut coffee launched their coffee house in Toronto’s Davenport neighborhood in December 2017. With a solid brand at their foundation, paired with their dedication to craft coffee, Crosscut has already become a neighborhood favorite.

image © Crosscut Coffee
image © Crosscut Coffee

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