Where to Start for Beautifully Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

It’s Hard Enough Keeping Your Cannabis Packaging Compliant Despite Ever-Shifting Regulations.

Add in child safety, durability, quality protection, shelf appeal and… Phew.

It’s no wonder sustainable is only just starting to make the list of packaging must-have’s for cannabis and CBD products.

And while CBD companies can enjoy the relative flexibility for the time being, upcoming guidelines from the FDA due later this year could change that.

For some cannabis companies, meeting state regulations while attempting to reduce waste became a Mt. Everest sized challenge.

But, the extra investment and effort to be environmentally-friendly can pay off in sales—because it’s on the mind of patients and customers. As Zack Darling of MG Retailer uncovered:

“Some 87% of American consumers also have more trust in and loyalty for companies perceived as environmentally sound.”


Even international brands are taking note of their waste and finding ways to reduce plastics.  Danish brewer, Carslberg, recently unveiled beer bottles and cans made out of paper.  These biodegradable alternatives“will break down naturally without any harmful waste products” whether carelessly tossed on the roadside or sitting in a landfill.

And, a new alternative to plastic film made from crustacean shells and grapefruit seeds is being researched by universities in Singapore and Spain. Biodegradable, it would not only replace plastic, but also reduce food waste from the seafood industry. Naturally anti-microbial, this cool new material also blocks UV light, making it an exciting possibility for keeping perishable products fresh without plastic.

Even after finding packaging options that are sustainable and meet compliancy requirements, at the end of the day, cannabis products still need to look good on shelves and perform in an increasingly scrutinized market.

Here are a few sustainable packaging options that are ready today and meet CR-compliancy while offering flexible options for branding that create a premium experience.

Paper Tube Co.


You’ve probably already seen them on Instagram, but there’s a reason why these sleek tubes are a high-end favorite. Fully printable, these 100% recyclable tubes have a selection of standard sizes pre-tailored to cannabis product needs, from a 2” diameter perfect for vape pens or pre-rolls, up to 3.5” diameter tubes for edibles or gift boxes.

Royal Reserve packaging by Paper Tube Co.

Royal Reserve packaging by Paper Tube Co.

MM Green plastic-free cartridge insert
MM Green


Created out of bagasse, a plastic-free material made from natural fibers, MM Green offers sustainable packaging containers and can even work with you to create something custom of your own.  From elegant containers like tins, paper tubes and glass, to easy solutions like plastic-free blister packages, MM Green’s capabilities open a wide array of branding possibilities.

N2 Packaging


For those looking for top shelf performance from a sustainable packaging option, N2 Packaging offers top of the line freshness.  Using recyclable materials like metal and glass, they use nitrogen to elimate oxygen and seal cannabis flower in peak freshness for up to two years.

n2 Cannabis Packaging
Terrapin box by Sungrown Packaging
Sungrown Packaging


Crafted using 100% recyclable materials, you’ve seen Sungrown Packaging’s child safe boxes everywhere from 1906’s edibles line to Beboe’s vape catridges. Full printing capabilities allow your brand to come to life across the entire package with a range of paper stocks and finish options, while multiple sizes and shapes can accommodate edibles, pre-rolls and vape cartridges.



While a lot of focus has been placed on the gram for gram weight of plastic to bud, HiSierra recognized that Exit Packaging isn’t excluded from the pile of plastic waste. Using plastic alternatives created from sugarcane fibers, HiSierra specializes in sustainable exit bags that are are certified kid-safe, as well as earth-friendly. Available in three sizes, the HiSierra collection is capable of full-color printing for a multitude of branding possibilities.

Exit Packaging by HiSierra
Beboe by Tin-Canna

Beboe packaging by Tin-Canna



Using easily recyclable FDA food-grade tin, Tin-Canna creates premium tins that easily elevate products with expansive customization capabilities for creating a high-end look. Child resistant via a locking mechanism in the lid, their versatile sizes and shapes make them ideal for edibles, pre-rolls and cartridges.

Sana Packaging


Using reclaimed ocean plastic and hemp-based plastic, Sana has been one of the leaders in tackling the cannabis plastic waste problem.  With alternatives for the common plastic go-to’s, they offer CR-certified pop-top tubes for pre-rolls, cartridges and flower.  And for a non-plastic experience, they have glass containers for flower, concentrates and pre-rolls.

Above Cannabis by Sana Packaging

Above Cannabis by Sana Packaging

ieko packaging


ieko don’t yet have any products on the market, but they’re worth keeping an eye on. Ieko are developing compostible plastic films as well as commercially compostable, child-resistant tubes for vape oils and rolled cannabis flower products.

Ready to Make Your Packaging Truly Your Own?

Let’s light up your compliant containers with marketing-backed designs that make your products swoon-worthy on dispensary shelves.