Bay Botanicals Inc
Medical Marijuana Grower & Processor
California, Maryland


Bridging a New Future in Cannabis

As Maryland expands the diversity of their licensed cannabis businesses, Bay Botanicals Inc. will bridge access to California-proven expertise and quality.

To grow patient access to safe, reliable and effective cannabis, Bay Botanicals Inc. is helping medical marijuana provisioning centers dispense premium treatments and education as part of an integrative, holistic approach to wellness.

With proven success on the West Coast, the three female founders of Bay Botanicals Inc. are bringing their experience and expertise to traditionally disadvantaged cannabis business owners on the East Coast to bridge gaps in access to the information and resources that help dispensaries thrive.

what the brand needed to express


Building connections between people and the plant to grow accessibility.


Creating space for the under represented to be seen, heard and celebrated.


Sharing best practices from knowledge and experience gained in California.

The Creative Direction

The Bay Botanicals cannabis brand takes inspiration from the connection of west coast and east coast bayside locations.





Inspired by the Bay


The natural shapes and colors of ocean bays provided inspiration for the shapes and color palette of the brand.

By using water for inspiration, rather than the cannabis plant, the result is a fresh, unique and professional cannabis brand.

The brand is further inspired by power and strength of ocean waves, as well as the power and strength of the women behind Bay Botanicals.

The Logo

The logo system for the Bay Botanicals cannabis branding is designed around the idea of bridging a new future in cannabis. Instead of using location-based iconic bridges, the design uses a subtle approach to reference connection and rising above challenges.


Bay Botanical Cannabis Branding alternate logo
Bay Botanical Cannabis Branding alternate logo
Bay Botanical Cannabis Branding alternate logo
Bay Botanical Cannabis Branding supporting design elements
Bay Botanical Cannabis Branding monogram logo


The logo systems for Bay Botanicals is designed around the ideas of bridging a new future in cannabis. 

Instead of using location-based iconic bridges, the designs use a subtler approach to reference connection and rising above challenges.

The simple, minimalistic style of the logos shows the care and professionalism of the services and products of Bay Botanicals, while leaving opportunity for color and illustration to be playful and organic.

The overall aesthetic of the logo system is inviting, respectable and encapsulates the fresh, balancing vibe of being next to the water.


Custom modification were made to the handwritten script in order to create movement and polish to the letter, creating a look that’s personal and welcoming. The shape and placement of the letter ‘a’ creates a subtle ‘bay’ of clear space beneath the letters that gives movement and flow to the word.

The Color Palette

The color palette for Bay Botanicals is designed to encourage rejuvenation and empowerment. The Primary Hues are inspired by fresh, coastal tones that are strong without being brash or harsh. The Supporting Hues build a gradient to soften the bold Primary Hues and bridge the high-contrasting tones. The Accent colors brighten and invigorate the palette in organic-inspired colors that are modern and mature.

Custom Leaf Illustration

The Leaf Illustration was created to reflect Bay Botanicals’ focus on pure, organic cultivation methods to promote holistic healing in patients. The leaf brings a hand-made and personal element to the brand in a fresh, expressive and open way that’s relaxing and inviting.

As shown in this guide, the leaf can be used as a main layout element or as a background accent. Only one leaf should be used at a time in a layout in order to maintain the brand’s polished, professional appeal.

The Final Outcome

Bay Botanicals are currently in the process of applying for their Maryland grower and processor license. Follow their journey on Instagram, Facebook or their website:


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